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Welcome to the new CtxAdmTools Blog!

by Guillermo Musumeci 14. September 2013 08:34

Since the born of CtxAdmTools in 2007, we developed dozens and dozens of free tools for Citrix, Microsoft and VMware environments and now we have thousands of downloads every month.

A new era started on September 2012 with the launch of Round Incubator in Singapore. Guillermo Musumeci, founder of CtxAdmTools joined the Round Incubator family to help on the development of the new generation of mobile and cloud applications.

Using the Round Incubator framework, Round Incubator, we redesign the CtxAdmTools site. Please take a look to our new web site based on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone user interface (aka Metro).

Round Incubator

Let's talk about what happened since we joined Round Incubator. On April 25, 2013 we launched the version 1.0 of new CtxAdmTools based on the Round Incubator framework and on September 1, 2013 we launched the version 2.0 of the web site with a shop. Also, we released a new version of our product AD Group Members.

This is just the beginning, more news are coming soon!

Thank you for reading! Guillermo


CtxAdmTools | Round Incubator

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